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Grazing To Restore 
The Land

What We Are About

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Our Mission 

Holistic Education for Reversing Desertification (HERD)

The Foundation develops, applies & teaches holistic planned grazing as part of a broader theme of regenerative agriculture.

Our focus on holistic planned grazing regenerates healthy soils, restores the watershed, mitigates fire and flood risk, fosters carbon sequestration, and increases the nutrition and resiliency of plant and animal production.

Our Goals

Education & Research

The HERD foundation provides education to change public opinion about land use and the importance of holistic planned grazing as a form of regenerative agriculture. We work in urban communities with public and private stakeholders that support our goals.

Our History

Rancher Frank Fitzpatrick has practiced Holistic Planned Grazing for decades with a proven history of regenerative agriculture.

Land Stewardship

Promote the restoration of our soil and grasslands, enhancing the biodiversity of our ecosystem in harmony with suburban agriculture. We strategically manage each piece of land individually to restore health to our environment. Regular monitoring of soil health and its carbon-holding capacity are some of the tools we use to determine if our management actions are working to reach our long-term restoration goals.


Come visit one of our ranches and see holistic planned grazing in action!

The benefits of Holistic Planned Grazing:

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Your gift helps us achieve our goals of regenerating soil, grasslands and ecosystem in Southern California as well as supporting education on regenerative agriculture using holistic planned grazing.


The HERD Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income.


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