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Our Founder's Story

In the rugged terrain of Southern California resides Cattle Rancher Frank Fitzpatrick. Raised in Silverado, Orange County, Frank embraced the cowboy lifestyle from an early age, honing his riding and roping skills inspired by the Westerns he watched on television. Unlike many of his peers, Frank pursued this passion diligently. Graduating from Orange High School in 1966, he actively participated in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program, raising and showcasing FFA cattle, sheep, and hogs at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

Furthering his education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Frank earned degrees in Agriculture Business and Animal Science. Following his graduation in 1971, he traversed the Western United States, working with cattle in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona, before returning to his roots in Southern California. In 1979, he established 5 Bar Beef with just seven Barzona cows, marking the beginning of his journey into holistic planned grazing.

Frank's proficiency in holistic planned grazing has elevated him to a sought-after authority, as he delivers lectures, guides tours, and conducts public presentations on the topic. Through these interactions, his objective is to enlighten individuals about the advantages of holistic animal management, advocating for land and environmental regeneration.

Amidst growing interest in locally sourced, environmentally friendly food products, Frank recognized the need for education on the role of grazing animals in grassland ecosystems. In response, he founded The HERD Foundation in 2017. While Frank may be one of the few remaining full-time cattle ranchers in Orange County, his commitment to stewarding the land responsibly remains unwavering. The same passion and determination that drove the inception of 5 Bar Beef continue to propel The HERD Foundation forward, shaping a future where sustainable practices and environmental consciousness intersect.

About Us

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Who We Are

This team is made of up individuals who care. Our connections in the community and experience with financial management and service programs enable us to make your donation go as far as it can.

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Areas Of Impact

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How We Work

  • Holistic Land Management

  • Regenerate the Watershed

  • Mitigating Fire & Flood

  • Education and Planning

We work hard to put our plans into action. Make sure that you sign up for our newsletter so that you can be a part of our progress.

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