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Orange County Grazing Coalition

photo of a herd of cattle on pasture grazing

Frank Fitzpatrick of 5 Bar Beef and founder of The HERD Foundation is forming the Orange County Grazing Coalition (OCGC).

Recent years of epic rainfall throughout California have led to a significant increase in vegetation growth, which poses a high risk for catastrophic wildfires in the upcoming season. In response, we are launching the OCGC, a collaborative initiative dedicated to mitigating fire and flood risks, restoring ecosystems, and reducing the need for chemical weed control.

By implementing regenerative and conservation grazing practices, OCGC aims to enhance environmental health and resilience throughout Orange County, California.

Photo f a fire on a ridge above homes


Ecosystem Restoration: 

Restore native grasslands and habitats to support biodiversity. Improve soil health and water retention through sustainable grazing.


Fire Risk Mitigation:

Reduce fuel loads by managing invasive weeds and maintaining healthy vegetation. Create firebreaks and manage grazing to decrease the risk of wildfires.


Flood Risk Mitigation:

Enhance soil structure and water infiltration to reduce surface runoff and flood risk. Protect and restore riparian zones and wetlands.


Reduction of Chemical Use:

Control invasive weeds through grazing rather than chemical herbicides.

Promote natural nutrient cycling and soil fertility.

After a successful pilot project in Trabuco Canyon, we're ready to expand our efforts countywide. The OC Farm Bureau recognizes the importance of this initiative and has provided a $10,000 matching grant to help implement the Orange County Grazing Coalition (OCGC). We need your support to maximize this opportunity.

photo of helicoptor dropping water over a hillside fire

How Your Donation Will Be Used:

Implementing Grazing Programs: Immediately reduce fire fuel loads with conservation grazing.

Education and Training:

Provide workshops and training sessions for local ranchers and land managers on regenerative grazing practices.

Monitoring and Research:

Support ongoing research to assess the impact of grazing on soil health, and biodiversity.

Community Outreach:

 events to raise public awareness about developing educational materials and organize the benefits of regenerative grazing.

Build a Coalition:

Identify and engage key stakeholders, such as farmers, ranchers, local businesses, schools, fire departments, government agencies, and environmental groups. Establish partnerships with local agencies, first responders, and community organizations. Recruit a diverse group to join the regenerative grazing initiative. 

With your help, we can expand our successful model across Orange County California and create a more resilient and sustainable environment. Thank you for your support!

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