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Join us for a special tour aimed at teaching kids about holistic planned grazing and regenerative agriculture, perfect for homeschool groups and 4H groups.

We will go on a nature walk on our flagship ranch to learn about how grazing cows can help the environment, not hurt it. Look for native plants, identify perennial vs annual  grasses and why they matter, see a ground squirrel pop out of his hole to look at us and watch a hawk soar overhead. Then we’ll gather up at the corral for some fun interactive activities about cows. Meet and pet the horses that help the cowboys herd and round up the cows. Enjoy a great day out in nature.

- ages 5 & up
- most be accompanied by a parent/guardian 
- bring comfortable shoes, layers, sunscreen, hat
- we will provide water, please bring any other necessary snacks or beverages 

For sign up:
Include age
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Children's Educational Tour

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